Calling all Swingers

Mizzy’s Boutique has a wide range of pineapple merchandise for all your mature adult swinger party needs. Whether it’s decorations for your hotel room door or the real back door, we’ve got it covered!

First, for all you newbies, a bit of history.

About the Swingers Pineapple

In general, the pineapple is a representation hospitality and welcoming behaviors.

Swingers use a pineapple in an open location to signify a party is currently going on.

When you see the pineapple flipped upside down, it’s these fun humans way of seeking out other swingers.


Wear it Loud and Proud

Plays Well with Others

Mizzy’s Boutique carries an assortment of upside down pineapple unisex tshirts. If you’re in the hunt, this is a must add to your wardrobe.

Not only do we have the clothing, but cups too!

Hot or cold.. we’ve got the solution for you.