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Fox Tail Butt Plugs at Mizzy’s Boutique

About Our Fox Tail Butt Plugs

The Fox Tail Butt Plug is a popular sex toy that is designed to provide a unique and pleasurable experience. The selection of butt plugs sold at Mizzy’s Boutique consists of a detachable screw on plug that is inserted into the bum, with a tail made of real fur that protrudes from the base of the plug. This allows for easy and inexpensive upgrades.

Fox tail butt plug

The plug is made of metal, and comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate different levels of experience. With our adjustable screw on plugs, you get to keep your Fox Tail forever!

Butt Plug sizes

Sexual Enhancement with Butt Plugs

Using a Fox Tail Butt Plug can enhance sexual pleasure by providing a sense of fullness and pressure in the anal area. The soft fur tail can also add a playful and sensual element to the experience.

Fox Tail Butt Plugs and Ears for Cosplay

Our butt plugs are a three piece set. Your choice of tail, size plug and the matching ears. This is the perfect setup for all your cosplay wants and needs.

Butt Plug Maintenance

It is important to use plenty of lubrication and to start with a smaller size plug if you are new to anal play. It is also crucial to clean the plug thoroughly after each use to prevent the spread of bacteria.

Overall, the Fox Tail Butt Plug is a unique and exciting addition to any sexual experience. With proper use and care, it can provide a safe and pleasurable way to explore new sensations and enhance intimacy with a partner.

Shop Mizzy’s Boutique for your selection of Fox Tail Butt Plugs and other adult novelties.


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