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Time to wake up

Let's go on the full trip starting bright and early getting ready. We generally do not leave this early, however with limited ferry options and a Friday night event, we had to leave the house by 6:45am. I turned on my TikTok and did a live session. If you are interested in following along, click here

Let's Hit the Road

And we are off! It was such a beautiful day for a travel. The ferry ride was perfect. Not one uneasy moment. With it being so early, it was so peaceful as well. As you can see, we traveled with our pups this time. Since it was a less than 24 hour trip (well, just a bit more...) we took them with us. They travel so well and really love it, so why not.

With the ferry so early, we made a stop at the Rhode Island mall. Spencer loves to shop and really enjoys visiting the malls in each state. As many times as we have traveled to Rhode Island, we have never been to the mall up until now. So a detour was made, where I picked up a new chakra necklace. I absolutely love it.

Swingers Party Set Up Begins

Its time to get the set up going. With this being a new club we really weren't sure how we were going to utilize the space so it generally takes a minute to think it through and get moving. Spencer definitely has a good eye for what should be done and how to execute it. Even though we may disagree at times, he is usually always right. Now I just sit back and wait until he's finished with his planning. Its so much easier and more efficient that way.

This location provided a VIP section which was centered in the club with great visibility. It was honestly the perfect spot. I was able to see the crowd, interact with humans every where and dance the night away with no space issues. It was fantastic. The only thing the space didn't provide was enough space for the tent, but that's ok. We adjust to each venues needs.

For each event, we bring select merchandise that would flow well with the crowd. The great thing about Mizzy's Boutique is that we do have something for everyone. From vanilla to naughty, we have it.

A peak inside the club before things get started.

You see what I mean from a location stand point. It was the perfect space. The entrance way is right there, the bar is directly across the way and you can see the entire venue. It was great.

Have I mentioned how much I love this guy? He is always making sure things are set straight, making the appearance on point. He's simply perfect, Mr. Mindbender

The love is simply beautiful.