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Plays Well With Others Swingers Pineapple Clothing

Mizzy's Boutique has a great selection of swinger clothing from plays well with others to more vanilla sassy options. Depending on your mood, we have it all.

Unisex Plays Well With Others Upside Down Pineapple

Comfortable fit for all occasions. Personally, I like to wear oversized t-shirts to lounge in, so this is just my style. But men, we want you to rock our shirt proud!

Plays Well With Others Upside Down Pineapple Travel Bag

Say it loud whether at swingers hotel takeover or the grocery store, our bags are light weight, durable and can be personalized.

Women's Plays Well With Others Upside Down Apparel

Yes ladies, we know you are just as spicy! Let the world know you play well with others with the swinging options we have for you.

Comfortable fitting tank top, unisex t-shirt or flowy crop top, each bring a different style and sass.

Maybe you're more of a crop top girl? I personally prefer them. I feel more free when wearing them so this would definitely be my go to.

Now, are you ready to shop your swingers pineapple apparel with us? Don't forget, we also take custom requests. To quote your idea send us an email at


Shop you favorite female owned small business for all your swingers alternative lifestyle wants and needs.


Mizzy’s Boutique is a Swingers Alternative Lifestyle Boutique that creates high-quality swingers / alternative lifestyle clothing and tumblers. We carry a wide range of erotic games, home goods, naughty accessories, humorous sex related t-shirts, sex toys (fox tail butt plugs), and so much more for the mature adult.