Swingers weekend vending Mizzy's Boutique at Deviant

A beautiful reminder…

When the most simplistic beings bring so much beauty. After a crazy week of many ups and downs, I remembered change is difficult but so beautiful. Breathe and let be, be.


The Location

What an incredible location in the Catskills mountains as we enjoyed a fantastic weekend vending Mizzy’s Boutique at The Deviant Network Camping Takeover June 25-27, 2021

The location is absolutely gorgeous! Set on private property with two buildings, pool and walking paths for your nature enjoyment. We had the opportunity to arrive Thursday night, spending time with the crew, getting to know everyone around the fire. It was one of those crisp cold nights in the mountains, but you really didn’t care because the setting was just perfect. (One of the reasons I travel with my blanket everywhere)

The owners of the Deviant Brand, are such gracious hosts and amazing humans overall. They are so passionate in regards to all their business entities that is was truly a pleasure to listen and learn. Starting with their events, to their boutique, to erotic games that are now sold at Mizzy’s Boutique and so much more.

The Set Up

One of the things we enjoy most is the set up. Our true creativity comes out in various forms, allowing us to build an amazing output. We are like a well oiled machine .. he has his job and I have mine.

Spencer really loves creating the ambiance with lighting, music, tent positioning etc. He always has a vision, executing perfectly. So set up begins with him getting that all in order. I don’t start unpacking until the tent is positioned and he gives me the ok. One of the things we‘ve learned is not to get in the middle of the process. When I do, he gets frustrated and I’m usually wrong (well… maybe 50% of the time).

This particular time he was absolutely on point with his requested tent spot and the difficulties it took to make it happen (remember, we were in the mountains, on some bumpy grounds, so it can be a challenge to sort the setup properly), as it was the right angle for the wind to not blow the fire smoke into the Boutique. I mean, how naive of me, but I didn’t even think about that! He’s an incredible human with a great eye that I will be forever thankful for. We compliment each other perfectly.

Once the tent goes up, I start my set up. I Usually pop my ear buds in and get to work. I know it’s rude, but it really helps me flow into the event and find my own zen. If I were being really truthful, it helps me disconnect from everyone for a bit as well. During travel weekends it’s important to find my own down time to recharge. The music, my music helps.